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Web Design Services

Most companies make critical mistakes with their websites that actually cost them tens-of-thousands of dollars in business. The larger your company, the more revenue you’re probably losing. We will teach you how to structure your website to deliver a clear message that converts more traffic into paying customers. You know your website could be doing more. We’ll make sure it gets there.

If video is right for your online strategy, we will help you create professional quality videos that fit perfectly into your overall website strategy.

A higher performing website will help you:

Putting a fresh coat of paint on a rust bucket won't make it a race car

Many companies refresh their website every few years, but make the same mistakes over and over. A website redesign only “feels new” for a short time. And after several months has passed, you realize your company growth hasn’t changed at all. This is usually when the frustration sets in.

We understand how disappointing it is to waste money on marketing that doesn’t get results

Schedule a call with us to get a clear understanding about our marketing improvement process. It’s important to first get your sales story and brand messaging right before you invest in your website, videos, and other marketing content. These are the elements that will convert your best prospects into loyal customers. It’s crucial that you get it right.

Special Offer - 1-Hour Website Consultation  - $250

We will spend 1 hour reviewing your website and will then deliver a report on how to improve your website and get better results. This simple step could easily save you tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Get Started with a Marketing Strategy Session + Customized Website Plan

Supercharge Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

1) Book a
Strategy Session

We will kick off your website project with a 6-hour strategy session. We've conducted dozens of these strategy sessions and they always end the same way… our customers are super pumped and crazy excited about the possibilities ahead.

2) Supercharge
Your Messaging

After a session you'll get these items:
1) StoryBrand 7-part Framework
2) StoryBrand BrandScript
3) StoryBrand One-liner
4) 8Bend Marketing Organizer
5) Customized Plan to supercharge your website.

3) Turn Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse

Your plan of action on how to use your StoryBrand messaging will be mapped out with our Website Plan. We will review your website and explain each of the web pages we believe your website should have in order to generate more leads and win more business. Use this guide to outline and update every page on your website, create pages that you are missing, and make an immediate impact on leads and sales. Or just hire our team of StoryBrand Certified professionals to do it for you.

You don’t have to pay for an entire website project up front. You can get started with a much smaller commitment (and smaller price tag). Book a Website Strategy Session to evaluate our team and build trust before making a big commitment.

What Areas of Business Are Holding You Back the Most?

Taking your products and services to market isn’t a simple task. Great sales and marketing requires many individual pieces that are all designed to work together. How effective is your marketing plan? 

It’s time to take control and bring in the experts who can help move your business forward. 8Bend Marketing will help transform your sales and marketing. 

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