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StoryBrand Messaging Services

Your business has a great story waiting to be told. The great work you do and the value you bring to your customers shouldn’t be lost with uninspired marketing. Bring your story to life and see the amazing impact it can have on sales and growth.

A powerful brand story will help you:

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StoryBrand is the most sought-after brand messaging methodology on the market today. We use this proven framework to write the elements of your sales story and save them in a way that makes it easy to create new sales collateral and marketing materials. This investment will pay off over and over again.

We can help you through the entire process with our professional step-by-step plan.

Supercharge Your Sales Messaging in 3 Easy Steps

Using the StoryBrand Framework

1) Book a
Strategy Session

We will kick off your website project with a 6-hour strategy session. We've conducted dozens of these strategy sessions and they always end the same way… our customers are super pumped and crazy excited about the possibilities ahead.

2) Supercharge
Your Messaging

After a session you'll get these items:
1) StoryBrand 7-part Framework
2) StoryBrand BrandScript
3) StoryBrand One-liner
4) 8Bend Marketing Organizer
5) Customized Plan to supercharge your website.

3) Win More Deals

When your messaging captures your passion and shares a powerful story, you will see the results you've been missing all along. More opportunities, more sales, more growth, and more success for you and your employees. It's time to dominate your market and reach your potential.

Ever Heard of a Sales Funnel?

A Sales funnel is everything you need to sell a product or service - automated to work 24x7 while you sleep

Face It, Your Sales Materials Are Probably Old and Stale

You know that company brochure your previous marketing manager created in Microsoft Publisher? Yeah, it needs to be retired. Same thing with that boring PowerPoint Presentation that covers your company history and the Chamber of Commerce award you won in 2015.

Your Prospects Are Waiting for You to Show Them that You Are Clearly the Best Choice

Your customers have problems. You know you can help. But they’ll never buy from you as long as they have doubts about your product or service. Sales funnels are the best way to make sure you’ve completely and clearly communicated the value of your products and services. Without a high-quality sales funnel, you’ll be spinning your tires in the mud trying to get the time and attention of your prospects. Don’t risk being viewed as an annoying vendor. Create a sales funnel that is helpful, informative, and focused on your customers. Tell an interesting story where they are the hero and show them how you can help them win the day.

Stop Losing Deals You Know You Should Have Won

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