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Sales Materials and Marketing Content

People that have shown an interest in your product or service will most likely need some supporting information before they're ready to purchase. Your sales materials and marketing content should invite your prospects into your story. If you do this effectively and provide engaging content that makes them feel good about your ability to deliver results, they'll choose you. There are some important steps you must take to earn their trust and win their business. We can help you create the exact materials that will win business and grow your

Great sales and marketing content will help you:

  • Highlight the problems your customers face and how you can help
  • Demonstrate your authority and expertise in your market
  • Establish empathy and build trust with your prospects
  • Lead prospects through your sales funnel
  • Set expectations and deliver loyal customers

You MUST have a clear message and make it easy
for your customers to buy

Potential customers hate confusion. Your prospects won't always buy the best product or service, they'll choose the one that they understand the fastest and can buy the easiest. Don't send your customers to your competitors. Give them what they need - the supporting sales and marketing materials that communicate quickly and win business. If you deliver the clearest message to the right audience at the right time, you will surge ahead of your competitors in your market.

We know how hard it is to dial in the perfect sales and marketing strategy

Schedule a call with us to get a clear understanding about our marketing improvement process. It's important to first get your sales story and brand messaging right before you invest in your website, videos, and other marketing content. These are the elements that will convert your best prospects into loyal customers. It's crucial that you get it right.

Special Offer - 1-Hour Marketing Strategy Consultation - $250

We will spend 1 hour reviewing your current marketing strategy and will then deliver a report on how you can improve your marketing strategy and build a stronger sales funnel. This simple step could easily save you tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

8 Bend Marketing

StoryBrand Certified Marketing Agency

StoryBrand is the most sought-after brand messaging methodology on the market today. We use this proven framework to write the elements of your sales story and save them in a way that makes it easy to create new sales collateral and marketing materials. This investment will pay off over and over again.

8Bend Marketing - StoryBrand Certified Marketing Agency

Ways to use your sales story:

  • Killer keynote presentations
  • Social media posts that get attention
  • Laser-focused sales demos
  • Digital ads that convert
  • One-liners for networking and events
  • Landing pages that sell
  • Video and podcast scripts
  • Billboards and media advertising
  • Email campaigns to nurture leads
  • Marketing that helps you succeed.
We can help you through the entire process with our professional step-by-step plan

Marketing that Sells in 3 Easy Steps

Using the StoryBrand Framework

1) Schedule a Call

We will listen and discuss your business, then create a plan that will get better results from your marketing.

2) Work With Us

We are easy to work with. We don't use confusing contracts. We use simple pricing and clear communication.

3) Grow Your Business

Give your employees a bonus. Upgrade your office. Buy a new car. Or celebrate your growth however it feels right.

We'd Love to Deliver these Same Results for You…

Josh is hands-down the top marketing professional I've worked with. I told him how amazed I was when our company started signing on new customers that could be directly attributed to his marketing campaigns. If you want a website that looks nice, there are probably dozens of local companies you could work with. If you want to stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work, you should get in touch with Josh Davis at 8Bend Marketing.

Scott Davis
Executive VP, InfoSystems

I have recruited and then hired Josh for 3 separate companies over the years. Josh "gets it". He understands the buyer's mind - his thoughtful research allows him to resonate with the target market. This is the key to his storytelling magic - being able to communicate in a meaningful and impactful way with the right audience. Be smart. Meet with Josh and you'll "get it".

Tom Wengler

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