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Content Publishing Services

You want those cool social media video clips. You want a podcast. You want YouTube videos, blogs, and all the benefits of digital marketing. You want people scrambling to get on your email list because you’re giving away tons of value and your brand is SO HOT. But Who. Has. The. Time?

Have you ever made a resolution to start writing blog articles and posting on LinkedIn only to crash and burn within a few short weeks? You’re not the only one. But if you don’t publish great marketing content, you’ll miss out on the HUGE benefits.

Great marketing content will help you:

Our team of StoryBrand Certified Professionals will  help you publish great content

Don't Make These Mistakes with Your Marketing Content  

Content publishing has to be the area where inexperienced marketers make the most mistakes.

You are better off publishing NOTHING than publishing content that is boring, poor quality, or too aggressively sales-y. You absolutely CANNOT make these mistakes when publishing marketing content. It will just make your brand look bad.

Mistake #1 - Publishing boring content

Your customers care about themselves. They are focused on their problems and you should be too! What they DO NOT care about is the Chamber of Commerce award you won. Or your manager that just got promoted to partner. Or the fact that you want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Don't publish boring content just to have something on there. We can help create a strategy that will get people locked in and waiting for more.

Mistake #2 - Publishing poor quality content

Your content needs to look polished. Yes, there are ways to cut corners - selfie videos can be perfectly acceptable on social media, but if you polish those selfie videos with some cool graphics and sound effects, they'll get WAY MORE attention. Terrible sound quality, video quality, lighting, etc. guarantees your content will go overlooked and unnoticed. Never publish poor quality content.

Mistake #3 - Publishing sales messages

People will ignore their date at dinner, hide out in the bathroom, and spend hours thumb-scrolling through their social feeds for great content. But they WILL NOT do those things for your ads and sales messages. People want to be entertained. To be inspired. To learn new things. That is the type of content you should be creating. Not 20 posts about your 4th quarter sales promotions.

We know. It's hard to dial in the perfect content strategy.

Schedule a call with us to speak to a Certified StoryBrand Marketing Strategist. We will help you create inspirational brand messaging that makes your videos, marketing content, and social posts the best in your industry. We can help convert your best prospects into interested buyers with great marketing. Don’t waste another minute stuck in frustration.

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StoryBrand Certified Marketing Agency

StoryBrand is the most sought-after brand messaging methodology on the market today. We use this proven framework to write the elements of your sales story and save them in a way that makes it easy to create new sales collateral and marketing materials. This investment will pay off over and over again.

We can help you through the entire process with our professional step-by-step plan.

Get Started with a Marketing Strategy Session + Content Publishing Plan

Your Plan to Take Over the Internet in 3 Easy Steps

1) Book a
Strategy Session

We will kick off your content publishing project with a 6-hour strategy session. We've conducted dozens of these strategy sessions and they always end the same way… our customers are super pumped and crazy excited about the possibilities ahead.

2) Supercharge
Your Messaging

After a session you'll get these items:
1) StoryBrand 7-part Framework
2) StoryBrand BrandScript
3) StoryBrand One-liner
4) 8Bend Marketing Organizer
5) Customized Plan to supercharge your content publishing.

3) Publish Content that Creates Sales

Your plan of action on how to use your StoryBrand messaging will be mapped out with our Content Publishing Plan. We will explain how to use thought leadership content to boost your Google and SEO rankings, create brand authority, grow an audience, and position you as a leader in your industry. You'll be able to use this guide to choose content publishing channels, outline thought leadership content to publish, and make an immediate impact on leads and sales. You can even hire our team of StoryBrand Certified professionals to write, produce, and manage your content publishing campaigns for you.

You don’t have to pay for a huge marketing campaign up front. You can get started with a much smaller commitment (and smaller price tag). Book a Marketing Strategy Session to evaluate our team and build trust before making a big commitment.

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