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This Is Why Your Business Isn't Thriving

There's a mess behind the curtain.

Many businesses look successful on the surface, but they are a mess behind the curtain. Messy businesses may generate a lot of revenue, but they still aren’t very profitable… or not nearly as profitable as they could be.

It takes great leadership to build and grow a successful business to its potential.

Running a successful business is hard. Honestly, it takes a team of leaders and supporting cast members. One person can’t do it on their own. But you must lead the way. Your team will not magically develop themselves without a key leader to rally behind and a proven plan to give them hope.

Don't waste another minute stuck in frustration. 8Bend Marketing will help you take control, grow, and lead your business forward.

Here's What's Included - Business Made Simple Coaching

A plan to give you the leadership and team development you've been lacking

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Starting at $800/mo

Group Coaching Sessions

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Starting at $2,500/mo

Team Coaching Sessions

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Starting at $1,200/mo.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

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Starting at $250/person

Hero on a Mission Productivity Workshop

Get Started with a Life Plan

You’ll get a Certified Business Coach, the Premier Business Made Simple curriculum from Donald Miller, the creator of StoryBrand, and Professional development like you never thought possible.

What Areas of Business Are Holding You Back the Most?

What if you and your entire team could develop into top Value-driven Professionals?

It’s time to take control and bring in the experts who can help move your business forward. The Certified Business Made Simple Coaches at 8Bend Marketing will help you and your team reach your potential.

Give Your Team a Life - Changing Professional Development Program

We Understand the challenges of leading a successful business. You shouldn’t be expected to take all of the disconnected learning resources out there (books, podcasts, TED Talks, etc.) and figure out how to put it all together into a single training program for your team.

But you know you need to develop your team’s professional skills. Professional development changes lives.

Your people CAN BE developed into game-changers for your business. With the right skills they will help you build a thriving business and solve the thousands of daily challenges they’ll be faced with year after year.

That’s exactly why we launched a certified Business Made Simple coaching team at 8Bend Marketing. Our coaches are certified and licensed to use the Business Made Simple curriculum developed by Donald Miller and his team at StoryBrand. This curriculum includes the practical processes you need to unify your team around a powerful Mission Statement, to develop messaging that invites your customers into a story using the StoryBrand Framework. It helps you create sales funnels, productivity plans, and to develop the leadership and communication skills necessary to transform your business from messy to ready for takeoff.

Easy and Effective Training with Business Made Simple

We all know there’s no shortage of books, podcasts, and TED Talk videos out there promising to inspire you and teach you, but none of those resources are unified or connected in any way. There are undergrad business degrees and MBA programs that attempt to create a unified curriculum, but do you have much faith in the “big business” that college has become? I don’t believe the cost of an undergrad degree and an MBA makes much sense for an entrepreneur or small business leadership team. It looks great on a resume, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the practical skills to run your business.

In fact, none of the book reading, podcast listening, or classroom learning makes much sense if you’re looking for practical tools that you can implement to help grow your business.

There are things you can control, and things you can’t control. If you’re ready to take control and begin making daily and weekly improvements in your business, it starts with a meeting.

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